Reentry Assistance Program

The Reentry Assistance Program is designed to help recently released exonerees to successfully reintegrate into society after wrongful incarceration. Applicants must be willing to participate in Road 2 Reentry’s programs and services, which may include job training, mental health counseling, or other services to assist exonerees. As part of the Reentry Assistance Program, Road 2 Reentry assists exonerees by connecting them to the transitional programs and services listed below.


The applicant must be a recently released client (wrongfully convicted and subsequently released on claims of actual innocence within the past 24 months) of the Exoneration Project (EP) and/or Loevy & Loevy.

Otherwise, the applicant must be an Exoneration Project and/or Loevy & Loevy client who is currently engaged in legal proceedings to overturn their wrongful conviction based on claims of actual innocence or actively pursuing a Certificate of Innocence (COI).

To demonstrate eligibility, the applicant must provide documentation of their exoneration, legal proceedings, or COI pursuits as part of their application for assistance. This can include court documents, letters from their attorneys, or other relevant documentation.

Transitional Programs and Services

  • Mental Health and Counseling
  • Housing
  • Employment
  • Physical Health
  • Education

Financial Aid

The Reentry Assistance Program’s financial aid is capped and limited to a maximum of one year from the date of exoneration, and to ensure that funds are distributed fairly among eligible applicants.

We look forward to developing our Reentry Assistance Programs in the near future!